Package org.djunits.value.vdouble.matrix.base

Interfaces, abstract classes and utilities for DoubleMatrix. Matrix values should be accessible by row and column. The way to access values in a matrix in algebra is as follows:
 | a11 a12 ... a1n |
 | a21 a22 ... a2n |
 | ... ... ... ... |
 | am1 am2 ... amn |
where m is the number of rows and n is the number of columns. aij is a value in the matrix where i ranges from 1 to m, and j ranges from 1 to n. This is known as an m x n matrix, with (m, n) as its size. So when a double array d[][] is passed to fill a matrix, the most logical is that the first index indicates the row, and the second index indicates the column, so d[row][column]. In Java this means that the matrix needs to be initialized with new d[rows] and each row needs to be initialized with new d[r][columns].

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