Package org.djunits.value

Base classes for unit-based 0-d (Scalar), 1-d (Vector) and 2-d (Matrix) values.

Copyright (c) 2015-2020 Delft University of Technology, PO Box 5, 2600 AA, Delft, the Netherlands. All rights reserved.
BSD-style license. See DJUNITS License.

Alexander Verbraeck, Peter Knoppers
  • Interface Summary 
    Interface Description
    Absolute values are quantities that are measured from some agreed upon reference point.
    IndexedValue<U extends Unit<U>,​S extends Scalar<U,​S>,​T extends IndexedValue<U,​S,​T>>
    Relative<U extends Unit<U>,​T extends Value<U,​T>>
    Relative values express differences.
    Value<U extends Unit<U>,​T extends Value<U,​T>>
    Value is the generic interface for all Scalar, Vector and Matrix classes that forces implementation of a few unit- and value-related methods.
  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    AbstractIndexedValue<U extends Unit<U>,​S extends Scalar<U,​S>,​T extends AbstractIndexedValue<U,​S,​T,​D>,​D extends AbstractStorage<D>>
    AbstractScalar<U extends Unit<U>,​S extends Scalar<U,​S>>
    AbstractScalar is a class to help construct Scalar classes.
    AbstractValue<U extends Unit<U>,​T extends Value<U,​T>>
    AbstractValue is a class to help construct Scalar, Vector, and Matrix classes.
  • Exception Summary 
    Exception Description
    Exception that is thrown for bad indices, or non-rectangular arrays, incompatible arrays or matrices, or empty arrays