Interface Vector.RelWithAbs<AU extends AbsoluteLinearUnit<AU,​RU>,​A extends Scalar<AU,​A>,​AV extends Vector.Abs<AU,​A,​AV,​RU,​R,​RV>,​RU extends Unit<RU>,​R extends Scalar<RU,​R>,​RV extends Vector.RelWithAbs<AU,​A,​AV,​RU,​R,​RV>>

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      • plus

        AV plus​(AV increment)
        Add an absolute vector to this relative vector. A new vector is returned. When the vector itself needs to be changed, use the increaseBy(V) method instead. The addition is done value by value and the result is stored in a new vector. If both operands are sparse, the result is a sparse vector, otherwise the result is a dense vector.
        increment - AV; the absolute vector (mutable or immutable, sparse or dense) to add to this relative vector
        AMV; the sum of this vector and the operand as a new absolute, mutable vector
        ValueRuntimeException - in case this vector and the operand have a different size