Interface Scalar.Rel<U extends Unit<U>,​R extends Scalar.Rel<U,​R>>

Type Parameters:
U - the unit
R - the relative scalar
All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, Comparable<R>, Relative<U,​R>, Scalar<U,​R>, Serializable, Value<U,​R>, ValueFunctions<U,​R>
All Known Subinterfaces:
DoubleScalarInterface.Rel<U,​R>, DoubleScalarInterface.RelWithAbs<AU,​A,​RU,​R>, FloatScalarInterface.Rel<U,​R>, FloatScalarInterface.RelWithAbs<AU,​A,​RU,​R>, Scalar.RelWithAbs<AU,​A,​RU,​R>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbsorbedDose, AbstractDoubleScalarRel, AbstractDoubleScalarRelWithAbs, AbstractFloatScalarRel, AbstractFloatScalarRelWithAbs, Acceleration, AmountOfSubstance, Angle, AngularAcceleration, AngularVelocity, Area, CatalyticActivity, Density, Dimensionless, Duration, ElectricalCapacitance, ElectricalCharge, ElectricalConductance, ElectricalCurrent, ElectricalInductance, ElectricalPotential, ElectricalResistance, Energy, EquivalentDose, FloatAbsorbedDose, FloatAcceleration, FloatAmountOfSubstance, FloatAngle, FloatAngularAcceleration, FloatAngularVelocity, FloatArea, FloatCatalyticActivity, FloatDensity, FloatDimensionless, FloatDuration, FloatElectricalCapacitance, FloatElectricalCharge, FloatElectricalConductance, FloatElectricalCurrent, FloatElectricalInductance, FloatElectricalPotential, FloatElectricalResistance, FloatEnergy, FloatEquivalentDose, FloatFlowMass, FloatFlowVolume, FloatForce, FloatFrequency, FloatIlluminance, FloatLength, FloatLinearDensity, FloatLuminousFlux, FloatLuminousIntensity, FloatMagneticFlux, FloatMagneticFluxDensity, FloatMass, FloatMomentum, FloatPower, FloatPressure, FloatRadioActivity, FloatSIScalar, FloatSolidAngle, FloatSpeed, FloatTemperature, FloatTorque, FloatVolume, FlowMass, FlowVolume, Force, Frequency, Illuminance, Length, LinearDensity, LuminousFlux, LuminousIntensity, MagneticFlux, MagneticFluxDensity, Mass, Momentum, Power, Pressure, RadioActivity, SIScalar, SolidAngle, Speed, Temperature, Torque, Volume
Enclosing interface:
Scalar<U extends Unit<U>,​S extends Scalar<U,​S>>

public static interface Scalar.Rel<U extends Unit<U>,​R extends Scalar.Rel<U,​R>>
extends Scalar<U,​R>, Relative<U,​R>
Methods for Relative Scalar.

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BSD-style license. See DJUNITS License.

Alexander Verbraeck
  • Method Details

    • plus

      R plus​(R increment)
      Add a Relative value to this Relative value. A new value is returned due to immutability.
      increment - R; the value to add
      R; the sum of this value and the operand as a new object
    • minus

      R minus​(R decrement)
      Subtract a Relative value from this Relative value. A new value is returned due to immutability.
      decrement - R; the value to subtract
      R; the difference of this value and the operand