Class UnitSystem

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AU, CGS, Imperial, MTS, Other, SI

public abstract class UnitSystem
extends Object
implements Serializable
Systems of Units such as SI, including SI-derived; cgs (centimeter-gram-second).

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Alexander Verbraeck
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Serialized Form
  • Field Details

    • CGS

      public static final CGS CGS
      CGS: centimeter-gram-second system.
    • CGS_ESU

      public static final CGS_ESU CGS_ESU
      CGS_ESU: centimeter-gram-second system, electrostatic units.
    • CGS_EMU

      public static final CGS_EMU CGS_EMU
      CGS_EMU: centimeter-gram-second system, electromagnetic units.

      public static final Imperial IMPERIAL
      Imperial system.
    • MTS

      public static final MTS MTS
      MTS: meter-tonne-second system.
    • OTHER

      public static final Other OTHER
      Other (or no) system.

      public static final SIAccepted SI_ACCEPTED
      SI units, accepted for use in addition to SI.
    • SI_BASE

      public static final SIBase SI_BASE
      SI base units: temperature, time, length, mass, luminous intensity, amount of substance and electric current.

      public static final SIDerived SI_DERIVED
      SI derived units, by combining SI-base elements (and quantifiers such as milli or kilo).

      public static final USCustomary US_CUSTOMARY
      US additions to the Imperial system.
    • AU

      public static final AU AU
      AU: Atomic Unit system.
  • Constructor Details

    • UnitSystem

      protected UnitSystem​(String abbreviationKey, String nameKey)
      Construct a new UnitSystem.
      abbreviationKey - String; the abbreviation of the unit system, such as cgs
      nameKey - String; the name of the unit system, such as centimeter-gram-second
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public final String getName()
      Retrieve the name of this UnitSystem.
      String; the name of this UnitSystem, e.g. centimeter-gram-second
    • getNameKey

      public final String getNameKey()
      Retrieve the name key of this UnitSystem.
      String; the name key of this UnitSystem, e.g. CGS.centimeter-gram-second
    • getAbbreviation

      public final String getAbbreviation()
      Retrieve the abbreviation of this UnitSystem.
      String; the abbreviation of this UnitSystem, e.g., CGS.cgs
    • getAbbreviationKey

      public final String getAbbreviationKey()
      Retrieve the abbreviation key of this UnitSystem.
      String; the abbreviation key of this UnitSystem, e.g. cgs
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object